Baby, baby, baby


1. Flecked Cotton Cable Knit, £19.99
2. Flecked Cotton, £9.99
3. Striped Cotton Knit, £19.99

These Mango rompers remind me of the old adage about London buses… You wait for the right one, then three come along all at once. Literally in this case; having found the super-cute grey one (just as sweet on a girl as a boy), the blue fleck and striped ones were sitting pretty right next to it!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: shaggy chic

Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2015/6

Warehouse Faux Fur Afghan Coat, £98.00 

Stella McCartney showed the most amazing (faux, obviously) Afghan style coats in her Autumn/Winter collection. So amazing in fact, it was almost hard to believe they were fake (had it not been a Stella show of course). I called this exact one in for a shoot I was doing for Stella magazine in New York, and it arrived in the ‘fashion cupboard’, and I have to say, was a sight to be seen! Huge and VERY shaggy, and totally gorgeous. The only problem was that I had luggage restrictions, and the coat would have literally have taken up an entire suitcase on its own. So sadly I had to leave it behind. I did seriously consider wearing it, but it was during one of the heat waves in September, so I thought better of it. So, to cut a too long story a little shorter, head to Warehouse who have done their own version, which I am so tempted to buy. So cool just worn with jeans (I’m even feeling a double denim situation of a denim shirt, jeans and boots). Very Agnethe from Abba cirque 1976).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Cables, stripes, owls…

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 23.10.08
Tootsa MacGinty Galloway Cable Knit Jumper, £38.00

A striped, cable knit jumper – what were the chances that this would be one of our favourite pieces in the new Tootsa MacGinty collection! We first saw it  back in the Summer at a press event (remember the pictures on Instagram?) when the need for a warm jumper was theoretical. Now it’s all we can think of and this is a very warm jumper – not immediately obvious from the picture, but it’s quite a chunky knit, perfect for this weather, when it’s not cold enough to need a coat if you layer up. We also like the button neck opening which is really useful for younger children (the age range for this jumper is 0-8 years) and if that wasn’t enough, how about the hidden owl detail – can you see it?
Here are a few more cosy jumpers to consider from MangoMango (perfect for Marlow and any other Ms out there…); Louis Louise; and Next (love this colour).

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: channelling Phoebe


MS Stan Smith

1. Uniqlo Cashmere Crew Neck,£69.90
2. Urban Outfitters Clutch Bag, £39.00
3. H&M Wide Leg Trousers, £24.99
4. Adidas Stan Smith Trainers, £49.99

We’re calling this ‘the Phoebe factor’. The Creative Director of Celine is a Little Spree/Mama Spree (and not to mention, most Fashion Editors, although they might not admit to it) style icon, and we love her low-key style (if you don’t know her, Goggle her – you’ll see what we mean). This outfit (worn for her end of show catwalk appearance at one of Celine shows in Paris) is so simple it almost runs the risk of being dull. But there lies the secret – it’s all in the details: the wide (slightly cropped, cuffed) trousers, the slouchy, but not too slouchy camel cashmere sweater…). Pared down perfection.
When I was in New York last month, shooting for Stella magazine, my lovely friend and fashion photographer, Coliena was wearing these H&M trousers. She arrived at our shoot wearing this exact pair with a navy cashmere sweater, Stan Smiths and a trench. She looked super-cool, but in that understated ‘just thrown together’ way that can be all too elusive… I came home from New York, tracked down the trousers (ok, so this pair might not be cropped and cuffed, but they are just £24.99 and pretty great, so let’s not get too hung up on the details…) online, and have been wearing the sweater/Stan Smiths combo as my go-to look ever since. So comfortable! So if you’re bored of the fail-safe on-duty mama outfit of cashmere jumper and jeans and fancy a change, give a wide leg a whirl. A word of warning though – not ideal on rainy days (mine are floor-length on me).

Sarah & Nicky xx

Summer dressing in Winter

numero 74

1. Numero 74 Mia Dress, £19.58
2. Next Cable Sweater, £16.00-£21.00
3. Startrite Jodie Leather Boots, £64.00
4. M&S 3 Pairs Tights, £9.00-£11.00

Tabitha is increasingly dressing herself these days, much to my fascination and entertainment. I’m generally pretty onboard with her choices, and sometimes even seriously impressed! One thing I have particularly noticed is that she still wants to wear her favourite Summer dresses with knitted tights and boots (a look we love too). Ok, so I had to introduce her to the concept of then adding a sweater over the top (what is is about kids wanting to go out to the park wearing virtually nothing?? Why don’t they feel the cold like us??), but now she’s onboard, the options are limitless! So don’t pack away those dresses (in fact, you can keep on buying more!).
By the way these M&S tights are great value and the perfect grey. Tabs wears them pretty much constantly. And how cute are these boots (and Startrite currently has free shipping until 1st November)?

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: thank you to the gorgeous Missy Chadwick for today’s outfit inspiration.

Mama Spree: ASOS White…

Laser Cut Navy Jumpsuit, £75.00 

Cable Knit Dress, £110.00

Button Through Wool Jumpsuit, £85.00

We love a bit of ASOS White. If you’re not already familiar with it, it’s a little bit of a fashion secret. It’s a small collection of more directional, premium pieces – think Topshop Unique, and you’re on the right track. The prices are definitely higher than the regular ASOS collection, but still totally affordable. We love the simplicity of the designs and cuts, and have quite a long wish-list at the moment, which also includes this roll neck jumper dress; this denim tunic dress; this cashmere roll neck; this satin dress; this raw edge shirt; this relaxed cropped jumpsuit; and this shirt dress.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Elias & Grace: treat week for boys

Boys Grey Cords I

1. Bellerose Godal Jumper, £52.00
2. Scotch Shrunk Peacoat, £112.00 (was £140.00)
3. Boden Slim Fit Cord Jeans, £12.00-£28.00 (were £22.00-£28.00)
4. Pepe Murgia Boots, £118.00

Sarah and I have been clearing out the kids wardrobes, only to discover that most of their Winter clothes (especially their trousers and jumpers) from last year no longer fit. We already have their coats – this is Bailey’s grey pea coat (which is presently on sale) and this is how I would like to see him wear it (left to his own devices Bailey would simply slip it on over a Superhero costume). So (for us at least) ‘treat week’ at Elias & Grace couldn’t be better timed. We always like to buy a few expensive items each season to mix in with their high-street buys and in Winter our splurges usually include boots and a few gorgeous jumpers. This winter’s wishlist includes this Kidscase long sleeved tee; this Bellerose coat (last year’s Winter coat for Marlow and Bailey); this Louis Louise jumper; this Miller beanie; and Marlow’s favourite hi-tops from Pepe.

Just remember to use code TREATAW15 at checkout before midnight on 27th October to receive 20% off.

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: the boots edit



1. Topshop, £79.00
2. Saint Laurent, £845.00
3. Michael Michael Kors, £195.00
4. Next, £62.00
5. Topshop, £75.00
6. Isabel Marant, £415.00
7. Sam Edelman, £125.00
8. Topshop, £75.00
9. Next, £32.00-£34.00

You’ve (hopefully) got your coat, now it’s time to make the second most important purchase of the season – a pair (well at least one…) of boots. The right (or indeed, the wrong) boot can make or break an outfit. We’ve decided to just focus on the black ankle boot today, as we feel this is the boot most worthy of our attentions. And there are so many great pairs out there. Sure, there are plenty of knee-high and over-the-knee styles around, but the black ankle boot is our go-to, and by far the most versatile (they can be worn just as easily with jeans and (the right length) trousers as with skirts and dresses. Anyway, these are our favourites. We hope there is the perfect pair here for you.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: ok, so the Saint Laurent pair come with a hefty price tag, but I shot these recently in Paris for Stella magazine and I am now OBSESSED with them. They are the coolest boots ever! You could literally just buy these boots all Winter and nothing else, and everything in your wardrobe would instantly be cooler. Perhaps not if you’re still a mama with a pram or buggy though… SC

Elias & Grace: treat week for girls

Girls Dot Jacket

1. Morley Chloe Blouse, £55.00
2. Carrement Beau Wool Coat, £60.08
3. Gap 1969 Super Skinny Jeans, £19.95
4. Pom D’Api Boots, £107.00

We love stripes, we love (little) spots, but spots and stripes together? I know it’s a shock to see not one, but two patterns together in a Little Spree post, but even we can’t resist this gorgeous Morley top and Carrement Beau coat (in fact Tabitha already has both, as well as these gorgeous boots – even nicer in really life). It’s ‘treat week’ at Elias & Grace who are offering 20% discount off their AW15 collection with code TREATAW15. This offer only runs once per season so it’s the perfect time to stock up on those more expensive/statement/investment items (which is includes the Morley stripe top and these Pom D’Api boots). Also in our basket you’ll find this Zef dress; this Louis Louise poncho; this Carrement Beau Breton; this Kidscase dress; these Minnetonka boots (Tabitha has already put in a request for a pair after seeing them on my laptop!); this Nice Things cardigan (the perfect cardigan); this Louis Louise blouse (first seen on Little Spree here); these Miller mittens (Tabitha and Marlow already have these from last year in grey and navy – proof that mittens on a string really don’t get lost!); and it’s the perfect opportunity to buy new wellies for the Winter too. Check back on Thursday to see our boys ‘treat week’ wish list. Happy shopping!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: shower-proof chic

Topshop Padded Parka, £75.00

Green parka

1. Maison Labiche Rock ‘n’ Roll Sweatshirt, £85.00
2. Topshop Padded Parka, £75.00
3. Mango Gaucho Jeans, £39.99
4. Topshop Flick Lace-Up Ghillie Shoes, £26.00

You asked us for a cool ‘school run’ parka, we found you one. I tried this very one on in Topshop a few weeks ago and really loved it – classic parka style; long, but not too long; cosy quilted lining (which adds a bit of an Isabel Marant touch if you turn up the cuffs); can be cinched in with the drawstring when you want a chic-er, less slouchy look. It looks good, and does the job, i.e. keeps you dry and stylish at the same time (no mean feat!). And for us a parka should be green (although we could live with navy at a pinch). Did I buy it? No. But only because London was enjoying a mini post-Summer heatwave at the time, and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a cosy parka! But I’ll be back to buy it for sure. I have a stubborn tendency to hold out for as long as possible where anything ‘practical’ is concerned. Oh and if you don’t know Maison Lebiche, you should definitely check them out. They do the coolest tees and sweatshirts, and the prices are really reasonable. Perfect for us mamas who need hard-working everyday basics, but with a little playful coolness to them…

Sarah & Nicky xx

Spooky Style

Halloween Girl

1. Little Eleven Paris Tutu Dress, £33.07
2. Woodstock Cat Clips, £16.00
3. Gap Cat Ballet Slippers, £10.99 (were £14.95)

Halloween Boy

1. Gap Glow-In-The-Dark Halloween Onesie, £10.99 (was £14.95)
2. The Contemporary Home Halloween Mask, £6.00
3. Gap Hi-Top Sneakers, £19.95

Between them, Marlow, Bailey and Tabitha already own pretty much everything in today’s post. Marlow has the onesie, and LOVES it (and it’s such a great price now). He wears it for bed, and is so cosy and warm in it. He also loves that the feet have grips, so he can charge around like a maniac in that window between bath and bed time and not slip on the wooden floor (while I’m reaching for the wine…). He also has the hi-tops (I always buy him one pair of expensive boots/shoes and one more affordable pair each season – this Winter’s espensive ones are these – look away Grandma!), pricey but well worth the investment) which he loves because the fit is really comfortable as he has quite wide feet (and is as fussy about how things feel as how they look!). And he will definitely be wearing the onesie with his hi-tops come 31st October. Bailey has the mask from last year (such a great price if you don’t want to invest too much on one night); and Tabs has the tutu (she would wear a tutu around the clock if I let her, but a black one is surprisingly stylish and easy to wear in an non dressing up way) and the kitty flats (who needs Chalrotte Olympia when we have Gap right?).
Here are some more spooky things we found for the girls – this Mouche crown with veil; this Candy Bows tutu and wings set; this M&S sparkle tutu; and these Gap pink glow-in-the-dark pyjamas (if you can’t persuade her into the cooler back and white pair).
And for the boys – how cool is this Gap embroidered skeleton sweatshirt? Definitely not just for Halloween. This Paul Smith Junior glow-in-the-dark sweatshirt; this M&S vampire costume; this John Lewis two pack of glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; and this super-stylish Numero 74 super hero costume.
And we haven’t forgotten the babies (why should they miss out on all the fun?). Check out this Little Eleven Paris bat set; these Stella McCartney Kids glow-in-the-dark pyjamas; this M&S skeleton print onesie; this Gap bat beanie; and this John Lewis skeleton sleep suit.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: a little bit of leopard

Leopard Print Bag

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Bellini Cross-Body Bag, £168.00
2. Mango Tassel Cross-Body Bag, £34.99
3. Mango Leather Bucket Bag, £89.99
4.  French Connection Chlo Cross-Body Bag, £50.00 (was £100.00)

Sometimes you just need a little bit of leopard (‘little’ being the key to wearing this particular print – in small quantities it can look cool and chic, too much and you’re in danger of bold and brassy). This is one of those occasions where the price tag doesn’t help you stick on the right side of ‘Bet Lynch’ – it’s more about size and print (step away from anything resembling fake fur, i.e, anything bulky). Our ultimate leopard print bag would be this one from Jerome Dreyfuss – we also love this unlikely named ‘Gary’ mini version, but the high street has also definitely done this trend well (remember this little pouch bag from our Boden edit?). And almost all of these bags can be worn ‘cross body’ (in fact, they look cooler like this during the day – more low key) so super practical for us mamas! Just keep the rest of your outfit simple, as ‘less is defintely more’ when you’re wearing your little bit of leopard.

Nicky & Sarah xx

snug as a bug

The Little White Company Lottie Sleepsuit, £15.40 (was £22.00)

The Little White Company Flannel Check Baby Sleepsuit, £26.00

One of my favourite times when the twins were babies was that gorgeous post-bath, cosy time just before bed. They always smelled delicious; were cuddly and snuggly, and happy to let me dress them in something cute and cosy for the night. Once you’re out of the ‘white sleepsuits around the clock’ phase (a particularly confusing time for Tom, as he often struggled to tell the twins apart, even though he denies it now!), you can start indulging in purchases like these. I mean, could they be any cuter?

Sarah & Nicky xx

Mama Spree: Winter white

Cable knit sweater

1. John Lewis & Co Cable Knit Jumper, £79.00
2. Alex Monroe Safety Pin Bracelet, £120.00
3. Kate Spade Engraved Bangle, £50.00
4. Mango Raw Skinny Jeans, £39.99
5. Next Lace-Up Pointy Boots, £40.00

We gave you our favourite cream cable knit sweaters, now we give you how to wear them (well one way, anyway). This is a look we will both be channelling this Winter. We love the idea of an oversized mens chunky knit with a skinny white jean and cool boots (this Next pair are fab!). And don’t be scared of cream and white – you’re probably thinking it’s going to be really unflattering. Not so. Just make sure nothing is too tight. And layer up the mismatched gold bracelets – we will be!

Sarah & Nicky xx

Coats: the boys edit

boys coats

1. Scotch Shrunk Peacoat, £140.00
2. Levi’s Parka Coat, £97.00
3. Bellerose Lakes Coat, £135.00
4. Monsoon Duffle Coat, £44.00
5. Gap Parka, £59.95

When it comes to children’s clothes, it’s a fact universally acknowledged that there’s less choice out there for boys. A fact that can be very frustrating, except that is, when it comes to boys Winter coats. Then we don’t care – we don’t need much choice as we rarely deviate from one of three styles: pea, duffle, parka; in one of three colours: grey, navy or green (and if the style’s right, ochre). Last year both Bailey and Marlow wore navy peas coats (similar to these from GapBoden and Mango) and parkas (last years version of the blue parka above). This year Bailey will be wearing the Scotch grey pea coat (it has a clever detachable camouflage liner) and Marlow will be wearing the cosy Levi’s green parka. If we hadn’t already decided on the boys coats before we researched this post, we’d also be considering this M&S one, this Next one; or this Next one. Who needs more choice than that!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Mama Spree: the cream cable knit


It’s all about a cable knit sweater right now. But specifically a cream one. Yes, like you, grey and navy (and preferably cashmere) sweaters are our go-to colours that never fail us, but we are currently embracing this new neutral, and loving it. There’s just something so cool and ‘whatever’ about wearing cream in the Winter (unless you have weening age babies that is, in which case just skip this post altogether), and the combination of cream and a chunky cable knit is proving hard to resist. We’re loving/wanting/wish list-ing these ones from Isabel Marant ÉtoileTopshopBoden mensJosephMangoGap mens; and Jigsaw. Not entirely sure what to wear your new sweater with? We’ll show you in Friday’s Mama Spree…

Sarah & Nicky xx

Baby it’s cold outside…

Baby Coats

1. Boden Lined Cord Jacket, £25.00-£27.00
2. Mango Boulé Wool Coat, £39.99
3. Mango Pocket Coat, £39.99
4. Gap Chambray Bear Jacket, £24.95

So it turns out that our favourite coats for babies are all grey… Hmmm. What can we say – we love grey! It goes with everything, is always chic and stylish, and is just as perfect for baby girls as it is for baby boys. And mamas of baby girls – make the most of it while they will actually wear grey! Here are a few more contenders (and some are even navy!). This herringbone puffer from Gap; this J by Jasper Conran mini duffle; this cord padded jacket from M&S; this Emile et Rose quilted jacket; this John Lewis double breasted jacket; and last but not least, the super-cute Boden one (Tabarlow’s first coats were from Mini Boden and they were so cute) comes in navy too.
We’re taking a break from coats tomorrow (we’ve started counting coats at night in lieu of sheep…) to bring you our favourite (the) jumper of the moment. But we’ll be back with our favourite boys’ coats on Thursday.

Sarah & Nicky xx

Coats: the girls edit

Girls coats II

1. Carrement Beau Polka Dot Wool Coat, £60.08
2. Mango Faux Fur Coat, £39.99
3. Next Textured Coat, £17.00-£23.00
4. Quenotte Martine Checked Coat, £93.82
5. Caramel Jasmund Coat, £107.33

Ever see children’s clothes and wish they came in adult sizes? That’s how we feel about our girls coat edit. As you know we like girls to look, well, like girls rather than ‘mini adults’, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have ‘mini-me’ moments. This season it’s been made easy with so many classic coat styles in the collections (between us, we probably have an adult version of most of these coats). Others to consider include this Next faux fur one; this Next Borg lined parka; this Bluezoo parka with fur hood; and this M&S fur trimmed bomber (which I saw at the M&S press day – trust me, there was more than one Mummy wondering if they might fit into age 14!).

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: for all you of you emailed us to ask where Tabarlow’s  Instagram onesies were from, here they are.

Mama Spree: THE coat edit

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 18.54.44
M&S Autograph Wool Coat, £139.00

Coat Edit II

1. Maxmara Veleno Coat, £448.00
2. Boden Sienna Coat, £189.00
3. Next Peacoat, £55.00
4. Mango Peacoat, £69.99
5. Wrap London Lydia Coat, £299.00
6. M&S Pure Wool Coat, £179.00

The sun may be shining but that distinct chill in the morning air tells us it’s Winter coat time. We know you don’t actually need one just yet, but trust us this is a ‘buy now to avoid disappointment later’ situation. As soon as temperatures drop to single figures the annual coat scrum will begin and you’ll find the size/colour/style you wished you had bought has sold out. You’ll then find yourself buying something that costs more, never quite fits or is bought out of sheer desperation, because you’re having to wear five jumpers to keep warm. We’ve been there (and have the unworn coats to prove it). As the biggest sartorial  investment piece of your Winter wardrobe it can feel like a big decision to get ‘right’, so we’ve trawled the stores (online and off) to bring you some of our favourite styles in our favourite colours . A classic palette of navy, grey and camel will always tempt us, but this season we’ve added green and tobacco into the mix (the green Next ‘Chloe-esque’) peacoat also comes in navy). Others to consider are these classic camel coats from Mango and Uniqlo, this Wrap London flecked one (very Isabel Marant!), this Boden navy one, this Mango belted one, this Next grey one; and finally (because we keep finding coats we like) this one from Uniqlo.

Nicky & Sarah xx

the perfect transeasonal dress (with apples and owls)

Gap Owl Garden Dress, £15.99 (was £19.95)

Girls Gap

1. Gap Owl Garden Dress, £15.99 (was £19.95)
2. Next Cardigan, £11.00-£12.00
3. Martin Pederson Ribbed Tights, £13.00
4. Pom D’Api Desert Boots, £95.00

I picked up this dress for Tabitha on Monday, and it’s so sweet. It’s has the cutest little owl and apple tree print which kind of looks almost hand drawn. Gap still has their mid season 50% sale on and this dress is in it. It’s a great transeasonal piece as it has long sleeves and is quite thick (but super-soft) cotton, so perfect for now and when it gets chillier. And I always love pale blue and chocolate brown together, so will definitely be investing in these tights (I buy a mix of cheaper and more expensive). While you’re cruising the Gap sale, also check out this marled jumpsuit (I’ve just bough it for Tabitha – look out for it on Instagram); these star print jeans; this chambray skirt; this chambray romper (layer with a long sleeve tee under for Winter); and this; this; this; this; these; this and these to buy now and stash for next Summer… I still love that striped sun dress. A must-have for Italy next August!
See you tomorrow for our Mama Spree Coats edit. Not to be missed!

Sarah xx

Mama Spree: dungarees are here to stay

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 21.36.56
Madewell Cross-Back Dungarees, £108.59

Womens dungarees

1. Gap Cross-Back Dungarees, £46.99
2. Wrap London Denim Shirt, £89.00
3. Next Leather Ballerinas, £30.00-£42.00

I sometimes wonder what I wore before I converted to dungarees? Was it always just jeans? Anyway, it doesn’t really matter now – I’m a dungaree addict, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Right now I’m loving the cross-back style, like this super-cool pair from Madewell. And I’m liking the idea of rocking chic double-denim with a pale denim or chambray shirt (the Wrap London shirts are really lovely – well worth checking out). And if your budget won’t stretch to a pair of classic Chanel two tone ballet pumps (although I would urge anyone to save for as long as it takes to buy a pair, as they are, without doubt, one of the hardest working and most loved items in my wardrobe), this Next pair are pretty great. Other dungarees to muse over include this Topshop indigo pair (I’ve actually just bought these); this Next ‘Glamourous’ pair; this Whistles wide leg pair; this Topshop black pair (these have been my go-to favourite pair for well over a year now, and I’ve recommended them to countless friends and Little Spree readers…); this ASOS Curve pair; I’ve got my eye on this Topshop needle cord pair; and in fact Topshop has a pair for everyone – short, tall, pregnant…

Sarah xx

ps: Gap has a 50% midseason sale on womens, mens and kids… Well worth a snoop.