mini marant


Girls denim shorts II

1. Next Panel Blouse (3-16 years), £13.00-£18.00
2. April Showers Straw Bag, £36.00
3. Mango Denim Shorts (3-14 years), £9.99
4. Mango Fur Leather Sandals, £29.99

I came across this pretty top when I was doing a quick ‘new in’ scan on the Next website. When I found it I literally did a double-take. Then I ‘zoomed in’. Just to be sure. Yep, confirmation: it was a find and a half! And I love the brown for a change. I had ordered one for Tabitha seconds later (plus one in white – how could I resist??). It really is so like an Isabel Marant Étoile one (and one that is in stores right now!) I am contemplating the age 16 for myself… In fact, I’m contemplating this whole outfit.

Sarah xx

mama spree: seventies stripes

Striped jumper

1. M&S Limited Edition Sheer Striped Jumper, £29.50
2. Mango Cross-Body Bag, £34.99
3. See By Chloé Wide-Leg Mid-Rise Cropped Jeans, £150.00
4. Zara Leather Sandals, £49.99

Continuing with this week’s Mama Spree Breton theme, we’re all over this super-cute jumper from M&S (check out the ribbon detail). It’s the perfect ‘what the hell is this weather doing?’ jumper. And we’re loving it with these ‘nod to the Seventies’ accessories. And we’re definitely coveting these wide-leg cropped jeans. Yep, once again, we want it all. Uh-oh.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: we also love this Iris and Ink Breton cashmere sweater, currently 40% off at The Outnet!

baby stripes

Baby Stripe outfit

1. Next Trousers With Braces (3 months-6 years), £12.00-£13.00
2. Louis Louse Crepe Kurta Shirt (6-18 months), £31.73
3. Saltwater Seawee  Sandals (sizes UK 1-3 toddler), £35.00

We are a little bit obsessed with this label, Louis Louise at the moment. This shirt really reminds me of an Isabel Marant one I bought a couple of Summers ago (and still going strong) – faded blue and white stripes, cheesecloth fabric, Grandad style collar… This is really just a scaled down version. We saw it when we visited the gorgeous Elias & Grace Primrose Hill store last Friday, so can confirm it’s every bit as cute in person too. And we’re also getting a little obsessed with how many great things we keep finding in Next Kids. Not necessarily one of our favourite high street pit-stops, but fast becoming one (I did a bit of a ‘smash and grab’ in the Westfield store the other day – will share in another post). Marlow also now has these chambray ‘birks’ as well as Bailey and they are so great. And just £11.00!

Sarah & Nicky xx

mama spree: breton love

Breton Stripe top

1. Isabel Marant Étoile T-shirt, £95.00
2. Saint James for J.Crew Slouchy Tee, £80.00
3. Mango Rib T-shirt, £9.99
4. Boden Cotton T-Shirt, £25.00
5. Topshop Tie-Front Top, £22.00
6. Uniqlo Linen Tee, £12.90

Last Summer I had a definite bout of ‘Breton fatigue’. They had been a favourite ‘go to’ item for years, and I had a ‘stack’ of them in my wardrobe to prove it. I have to say, one of my all-time favourites was a Saint James one, purchased from a sailing shop in Covent Garden when I worked at Marie Claire – the classic Breton in the perfect fit – not too tight; just the right side of slouchy; and with the all-important loose sleeve, perfect for that casual scruffy roll… But by last Summer I was a bit ‘Breton-ed out’. I’d had enough, and needed to put them out to pasture. Anyway, fast forward to Summer 2015 and believe it or not, my Breton t-shirt collection has depleted to zero! Another wardrobe mystery along with ‘where the hell have my Issy Dicker boots disappeared to?’ So of course, now all I keep thinking about is a Breton (if only a had a great Breton to go with that blah blah blah…). But this Summer the rules have relaxed somewhat – now they come in all sorts of shapes and styles. I saw this Topshop laced front one in the store a few weeks ago and it’s super-cute. It is quite cropped (something that would normally put me off immediately, as I hate anything remotely cropped), but perfect under a dungaree. It has a bit of a retro Jane Birkin feel about it, which I love…

Sarah xx

uniqlo: basics & beyond…

Uniqlo Boys Outfit

1. Washed Stripe Tee (3-12 years), £7.90
2. Long Sleeved Tee (3-11 years), £7.90
3. Parka (3-11 years), £14.90 (was £29.90)
4. Slim Fit Jeans (3-12 years), £24.90
5. Shorts (9-11 years), £7.90 (were £14.90)

Uniqlo Girls Clothing

1. Cotton Linen Dress (3-11 years), £14.90
2. Skinny Jeans (3-12 years), £9.90 (were £14.90)
3. Chino Shorts (3-11 years), £9.90
4. Crew Neck Cardigan (3-6 years), £9.90 (was £14.90
5. Cotton Crew Neck Tee (3-12 years), £2.90 (was £5.90)

In a game of word association “Uniqlo” would normally have us shouting out “mens cashmere jumper” but on a recent search for a boys Breton t-shirt we came across a whole collection of reasonably priced basics, and a few stand-out pieces too (take a bow blue boys parka and girls printed dress). Even better, with the exception of the boys’ jeans, our favourites from the collection are all under £15!

Nicky & Sarah xx

Created in collaboration with Uniqlo

we ‘heart’ camomile london

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.35.35

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 22.37.22

From time to time a collection comes along that we instantly just LOVE. Camomile London is one of these collections. And we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! It’s the most beautiful collection of bedding and accessories for babies and children. Think of the simplicity of Scandinavian living with the delicate touches of Japaneese block prints, fused with elements of British home-spun and you get an idea of why we’ve fallen so hard. And don’t even get us started on the colours! Oh the colours… Designed for style conscious parents (that’ll be us!) looking to create an individual approach to their child’s nursery/bedroom. The thing we really love about this collection is how versatile it is. It’s cleverly designed to allow endless combinations of effortless ‘mix and match’ styling, using only a few pieces. The aim is to allow parents the freedom to create different looks by simply flipping over a duvet cover, quilt or cushion to reveal a contrast colour, or by mixing print and plain pillow cases (something I do all the time with Tabitha and Marlow’s beds) to add character to a room. As a twins mama with a boy and a girl who share a bedroom, I love the fact that you can have complimentary bedding that still has that layered ‘hotch potch’ feel that I adore. In a nutshell, we love everything about this collection! And we know what you’re probably thinking – will you have to re-mortgage your house to afford it? No! Ok, it’s not cheap, but the prices are really reasonable for such beautiful design and quality. And we really believe it’s worth investing in gorgeous bedlinen, as you can keep it for years. Plus it can totally transform a room without the need for decorating or re-designing. It launches tomorrow (Friday 23rd). We literally cannot wait!!

Sarah & Nicky xx

the tale of peter rabbit (and little spree)

Peter Rabbitt Dungaree

1. Marks & Spencer 2 Piece Cotton Body & Dungarees Set, £18.00
2. Minnetonka Fringed Baby Booties, £35.00

“Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were – Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter”. And one day Marks and Spencer decided that Peter Rabbit would make a very cute print for a baby bodysuit, especially when worn with soft cotton dungarees and adorable booties. The end.

ibiza girl

John Lewis Embroidered Dress

1. John Lewis Embroidered Dress, £20.00-£22.00
2. Uniqlo Zip-Up Sweatshirt, £9.90 (was £14.90)
3. Next Corkbeds, £12.00-£16.00

This dress reminds us of our favourite Mango ‘mini me’ embroidered dress from last Summer (mine will be coming out for our July holiday, but I’m pretty sure Tabitha’s will be too small now… SC). We’re loving the flouro embroidery. More Ibiza than Tuscany! So to complete the ‘new rave’ feel, just add silver ‘birks’ and a hoodie. Love.
We also love this one from Next; this one from ilovegorgeous;  and this one from Joules.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: a few people have been asking us about plain boys’ sun hats. I spotted this set of two in M&S last week and got them for Marlow. I only really wanted to the denim one, but it never hurts to have a back-up right? SC

mama spree: we love maggie

M&S crombie coat

1. Topshop Fedora, £25.00
2. Topshop Slim Pocket Coat, £59.00
3. Mes Demoiselles Knee-Length Dress, £100.00
4. ASOS Leyton Scalloped Edge Ballet Flats, £20.00

Did anyone else see the recent picture of Maggie Gyllenhaal looking effortlessly elegant in flats, lace dress and navy coat? In a nod to perfect transitional dressing we thought we’d take a leaf our of her immaculately styled book and this is how we’ll be dealing with the sunny, sometimes cold, sometimes mild, sometimes rainy Spring weather. We also wanted another excuse to use the khaki version of our favourite fedora from Topshop and these bargain Chloe-esque flats (such a snip at £20.00 – we’ll be buying the blush version too!).

Nicky x

birks & (magnetic) bricks

Boys sunglasses

1. Mango Henley T-Shirt, £3.99 (was £6.99)
2. Tegu 6 Piece Pocket Pouch, £15.99
3. Gap Lived-In Khakis, £16.95
4. Next Corkbed Sandals, £11.00-£13.00

I recently saw an outfit that Marlow had put together, all by himself, which mixed blue and tobacco colours. It was such a cute colour combination that I thought I should share it; thank you for the inspiration Marlow! Master Clark finished his ensemble off with a pair of sandals similar to the ones here. I know when Bailey sees them he will want some just like Marlow, so watch out for more matching shoe pictures. Oh, and I’m reliably informed that the Tegu blocks (suggested by a lovely Little Spree reader) are the toy of choice in the Clark-Lloyd household which is high praise indeed!

Nicky x

mama spree: gladiator flats

Gladiator sandals

1. Zara Leather Gladiator Sandals, £89.99
2. Figtree Gladiator Sandals, £52.00
3. Mango Strap Cord Sandals, £19.99
4. Isabel Marant Étoile Wraparound Leather Sandals, £270.00
5. Chloe Gladiator Suede Sandals, £615.00
6. ASOS Gladiator Sandals, £20.00

Love them or hate them, there’s no avoiding them. The gladiator flat is the sandal of the Summer. Blame Chloe and Valentino – they started it back in March at the Spring/Summer shows in Paris. We love them, but we are aware of their limitations if you are were not at the front of the queue when God was handing out the skinny ‘model’ calves. Sadly, neither of us were either. If you were lucky enough to have been at the front of said queue: hurrah! You can wear the ones that tie all the way to your knees, with anything and everything (even A-line mini dresses are an option for you – so cool). For the rest of us, listen carefully,  this is what we’re going to do. We’re going to wear our ‘glads’ (as high up the leg as you dare) with gorgeous floaty, hippie/folky dresses that are either midi or maxi length. So you sill get the effect of the straps, but none of the potential scariness. We will also be wearing ours with cropped jeans/trousers (this is a great, easy look to pull off). Keep an eye on Fridays’ Mama Sprees for inspiration coming soon…
In the meantime, here are a few dresses that would be perfect with your new glads: this one from Next; this one from Urban Outfiters; this one from Topshop; this one from Mango; and this one from H&M.

Sarah & Nicky xx

bug bingo


Bug Bingo, £14.33 (was £19.95)

This game is the current favourite in our house. It’s really beautifully designed and made, and “brings a fun and educational twist to the traditional game of bingo”. And who wouldn’t want to be educated in the differences between a Lord Howe Island stick insect and a Wetapunga?
Tabitha and Marlow also have Bird Bingo, which is equally entertaining. They make the loveliest gifts too.

Sarah x

ps: for anyone waiting for the John Lewis metal basket on wheels featured in this post to come back in stock, the wait is over. Buy it now.

mama spree: the perfect ‘every day’ boot

Topshop Boots

1. Mango Washed Denim Shirt, £19.99
2. Topshop Fedora Hat, £25.00
3. Out From Under Spot Pony Leather Purse, £29.00
4. Gap 1969 ‘Always Skinny’ Jeans, £44.95
5. Topshop Aggy Low Heel Ankle Boots, £75.00

A friend (yep, Des again!) wore these boots to a big Easter lunch at my house on Good Friday, and I mistook them for a Margiela pair (which, in my defence, I know she has). They are SO great. Really simple – the toe is shaped, but not too pointed and not too rounded. Zip-up. Neat (not tight) on the ankle. But the important bit about this particular boot, is the heel. It’s the perfect heel height for trotting around all day long in. Cool and comfortable? Could they be the perfect boot? We think they might be.

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: for anyone still looking for a pair of my Topshop black dungarees, they’re back in stock! SC

pps: another day, another peasant top! We’re loving this black one from Mango.

welcome to midweek mama spree!

Peasant Blouse

1. Monsoon Zahara Smock Top, £39.00
2. Mango Embroidered Blouse, £34.99
3. Isabel Marant Étoile Eye Embellished Top, £140.00
4. Mes Demoiselles Lina Embroidered Top, £180.00
5. Mango Honeycomb Pattern Blouse, £29.99
6. L’Agence Studded Silk Top, £121.50 (was £270.00)

It was only a matter of time. We have caved under pressure. A LOT of pressure. You asked for more Mama Spree posts, we listened. So here you go! From now on, as well as your weekly Friday Mama Spree fix, we will be bringing you ‘midweek Mama Spree’ (‘hump day mama spree’ just didn’t have the same ring to it…) on a Wednesday. The Wednesday post will focus less on an outfit, more on just ‘great pieces’ or ‘things’ that we are currently coveting, and that (of course) we think will be useful additions to your wardrobes. As with the current Mama Spree (and indeed, Little Spree), the focus will be very much on the affordable style that we both know, love, and shop. But, we’re only human after all, so we will be throwing in the odd ‘spurge’ for good measure (only if we feel it’s with it). After all, isn’t that really how we all dress anyway? ‘Hi-low’ as Victoria Beckham once said. It’s just knowing which things are worth splurging on, and that’s what we’re here for. And we deserve it don’t we?
So we’ve started with peasant style blouses. Now the weather is starting to change, it’s time to start thinking about gradually peeling off and ditching the cashmere layers. A peasant blouse or top is a great transeasonal piece that will instantly make you feel Summery (but not too Summery), cool, but still covered up. Plus they are so versatile and easy to wear (they work with anything from jeans to dungarees to khaki trousers to cropped tailored trousers to denim minis/cut-offs later on…). And the white/cream will instantly make you feel like Winter is finally over. Plus, you can just chuck your Winter coat or trusty army jacket (a Mama Spree favourite) over the top without ruining the look. And last but not least, they are super-flattering. Worried that your big boobs will make it seem like you’re wearing a maternity top? Or worse still, that people might think you’re pregnant (again)? Fear not. Just make sure you go for a skinnier bottom half, and you’ll be fine. And don’t be scared of tucking your blouse in. This can be a great look. Anyway, these are our favourites, but don’t forget this one from Next. Mine just arrived this morning, and I LOVE it!! Bring on the Summer!!

Sarah & Nicky xx

ps: confessions of a peasant/folk style top/blouse addict: I just did a quick count-up (just for kicks), and discovered that I own a total of fourteen (including the new Next one). But, in my defence, many of these are years old (and most of them are high street). Just realised that’s just the white/cream ones… Oh. SC

pps: I think a couple might be at the dry cleaners…