Mama Spree: new coat, new shoes…

14 October 2016

Isabel Marant tweed coat - Little SpreeJerome Dreyfus Bobbi bag - Little SpreeIMG_3921

Isabel Marant Étoile Hound’s Tooth Checked Coat, £433.00
J.Brand Selena Cropped Bootcut Jeans, £220.00
Jérôme Drefuss Bobi Bag, £420.00
& Other Stories Suede Shoes, £69.00

Isabel Marant Etoile tweed coat - Little Spree

1. Topshop Oversized Hoodie, £26.00
2. Topshop Baxter Stepped Hem Jeans, £42.00
3. Isabel Marant Étoile Hound’s Tooth Checked Coat, £433.00
4. & Other Stories Suede Shoes, £69.00

I tend to shop in bursts – I’m a bit of a sporadic shopper if the truth be told. I might buy a few things in quick succession, then nothing for months. Same when I’m shopping for Tabarlow. Now I’d been eying this coat up since July (sad but true, but I really wanted a coat that looked a bit like a mens’ overcoat, and instantly loved this one) – I almost bought it in July (just to be safe – you can never to be too sure with winter coats – the savviest shoppers buy them when the rest of us are shopping for bikinis). But I decided no, I just couldn’t face buying a coat before I’d even been on my Summer holiday. Anyway, skip forward a few months and here I am, just last week wearing my new coat (so warm, and so far seems to go with pretty much anything and everything – I just kind of throw it over whatever I happen to be wearing and hope for the best…) to work. And just by chance I also happen to be wearing my new-ish J.Brand bootleg jeans (super-flattering and just as great with flats or heels) and my new & Other Stories shoes (game-changing slightly Eighties closed in court with a skinny ankle strap, which are supremely comfy I have to say). I was also wearing an ancient Isabel Marant grey sweatshirt (but love the idea of a grey hoodie with a heel, and this one (below) is on my shopping list). Oh and last but not least, my trusty Jérôme Dreyfuss Bobi bag (a birthday present from Tom back in January which I have used pretty much non-stop ever since (once I worked out how I could squeeze my wallet in and out I didn’t look back…). So there you have it.

Sarah xx

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Feeling Kind Of Spooky

13 October 2016

Halloween outift ideas for kids - Little Spree

1. Meri Meri Garland, £7.40
2. Numero 74 Bat Costume (one size), £35.10
3. Edit.58 Embroidered Mini Baskets, £18.00
4. Meri Meri Cake Topper, £8.99
5. Merlin Cape (one size), £66.30
6. John Lewis Glow-In-The-Dark Gloves (one size), £7.00
7. Mouche Moon Wand, £13.26
8. Glow-In-The-Dark Pyjamas (6 months-5 years), £14.95
9. Mouche Fairy Hat, £22.62
10. Numero 74 Tutu Skirt (3-8 years), £18.20
11. Gap Cat Mary Janes (sizes UK 4-10), £14.95

Halloween bat pyjamas for kids - Little Spree

The Bright Company Bat Jyms (6 months-9 years), £30.00

If your little ones are anything like ours, excitement about Halloween starts around the beginning of September! It’s hard to say when Halloween became such a thing? But it is, like it or not (and we actually do quite like it) so we wanted to help you embrace spooky in style (of course) and in a cost effective way, so we’ve tried to include pieces that we love and have use beyond the event itself. For the kids, that usually involves a pair of themed pyjamas and this year they’re obsessed with the fabulous ‘bat jams’ from The Bright Company (above). They’re stylish, soft, and have a detachable bat wings cape. Genius. (you can pre-order now for delivery in time for Halloween). For decorations, we love the Meri Meri balloon ‘Boo’, these bats, hanging ghosts and creepy cupcake kit. Which just leave us…don’t worry, we’re not suggesting full on witch attire (although we applaud those who release their inner enchantress). For us, it will be more a hint of Halloween with these pretty lace ears, or this (scarily accurate) ‘Zombie’ sweatshirt

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: Bailey asked me to tell you his favourite Halloween joke: what type of cereal do witches eat for breakfast? Snap cackle and pop!


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Mama Spree: The Knit Edit

11 October 2016

Stylish, womens jumpers - Little Spree

Of all the places I thought I’d find great jumpers, I’m not going to lie, New Look was not one of them (in fact I can count on one hand how many things I’ve bought in there in my life, and that’s not including my thumb…). But I immediately emailed Nicky to share my find! A very Isabel Marant Risha-seque (we have our own black and oatmeal versions to directly compare the boxy shape, slightly open weave and all-important dropped shoulder) sweater from the Summer (the Winter version is the Clifton) in an assortment of colours. We like the pale pink, the burgundy, the pale grey, and the forest green. And for £7.99 you can’t really go far wrong. And even the Issy version wasn’t cashmere! We (generally) like our knitwear a little slouchy, and as you know, often head to the mens’ departments instead of the womens’. But not just for the cashmere crewnecks – mens chunkier knits can also work really well for us ladies (we’ve included a few in our edit below).
And if you’re not familiar with &Daughter, you should definitely check out their drool-worthy knits. We love this sweater for starters.

Sarah & Nicky xx



Mamas & Papas Style-Over

10 October 2016

Mamas & Papas stylish baby toys and gifts - Little SpreeStylish baby toys and gifts - Little SpreeBeautiful baby nursery accessories and gifts - Little Spree

1. Musical Cot Mobile, £34.00
2. Star Rug, £29.00
3. Wall Art Bird House, £22.00
4. Cloud Cushion, £24.00
5. Bunny Rug, £69.00
6. Travel Changing Mat, £19.00
7. Embroidery Pictures, £34.00

Anyone who follows us on Instagram will already know about my recent trip to Mamas & Papas in Westfield. And no, I wasn’t invited by them to go in to review it – I just happened to be in Westfield, and wanted to pop in as I knew they’d recently had a bit of a store makeover. I literally couldn’t believe my eyes. There were stylish (and affordable!!) temptations at every turn! I was particularly impressed by the nursery and bedroom accessories and the toys and gifts (the bird house (number 3) and the pom pom cot mobile (number 1) were probably my favourites – I’m actually considering stock-piling for baby gifts. Is that bad?). So this is what we’re focussing on today. Other favourites included this bunny head to hang on the wall (far less sinister than it sounds!); Miles The SquirrelDaytime DogDaytime Doll. And you might remember from the post on Tabitha and Marlow’s bedroom a couple of weeks ago that I bought the cloud cushion for Marlow’s bed. Even the cards are adorable – thisthisthis one are three of our favourites. Honestly there are actually too many things to include, so take a look for for yourself, or pop into the store next time you’re passing.
Oh, and I almost forgot, we have recently added a Baby Gifts shop to the site. We’ve carefully handpicked the most adorable baby gifts for all budgets (starting from just £10.00, and including some more substantial gifts ideas for friends/colleagues who want to club together to buy a mama-to-be a gorgeous gift). We have all bases covered. Take a look…

Sarah & Nicky xx


Mama Spree: Dressing For Autumn

7 October 2016

Mama Spree stylish Autumn outfit - Little Spree

1. Ganni Ruffled Merino Wool Dress, £170.00
2. Jérôme Drefus Bobi Bag, £420.00
3. Gap Utility Jacket, £48.99
4. & Other Stories Leather Chelsea Boots, £89.00

We can only speak for where we live, but the weather has certainly taken a vert sharp nose-dive into Autumn. Time to re-think the shacket of recent times, and dig out (or upgrade) to a warmer army jacket. My favourite one is from mens Gap (and I’m often asked about it when I wear it on Instagram). It’s very similar to this one. I like that it’s a bit over-sized, so perfect with shorter hemlines as well as jeans/trousers. There aren’t many in stock at the moment in the smaller sizes (mine’s a small), but definitely keep an eye out for it in store. We also really like this one if you want a bit more of a splurge. Oh and I hate to be the one to tell you this, but I think it’s time to bust out the black opaques ladies (and yes these ones are pricey, but I’m telling you, it’s well worth investing in a couple of decent pairs – they’ll see you through the winter and beyond if you look after them). Oh, I almost forgot – the original point of this post was actually boots! We’re looking for our winter boots, so we figured you probably would be too. So we’ve rounded up a few (and there are quite a few) of our favourites (in black or navy)…

Sarah & Nicky xx


ps: The Outnet has just had an Isabel Marant drop! What are you waiting for??

Boys Winter Coats

6 October 2016

Little Spree stylish, warm boys winter coats

1. Monsoon Herringbone Pea (6 months-12 years), £48.00
2. Emile Et Ida Fur-Lined Parka (12 months-10 years), £103.35
3. Morley Two-Tone Fur-lIned Parka (2-16 years), £105.95
4. Boden Duffle (2-12 years), £60.00-£66.00
5. J.Crew Expedition Parka (2-16 years), £115.00

When it comes to boys winter coats it’s fair to say we have our favourite styles and colours: pea coats, parkas and (who can resist) a duffle, in navy, grey, khaki or ochre. Having decided 99% of what we’re looking for you might think finding ‘the one’ would be easy. The thing about boys winter coats though, is it’s all about the 1%. Finding the right pea coat, parka or duffle, in the right shade of navy, grey, khaki or ochre. This year Bailey needs extra warmth for our trip to Lapland and top of my list is the aptly named J Crew “Expedition Parka’ (number 5) and Marlow already has the ‘Harry’ herringbone pea coat (number 1). Whichever one you go for, don’t leave your winter coat purchase (either for you or the kids) until the temperature drops to single digits, otherwise you risk ‘the one’ becoming the one that got away…

Nicky & Sarah xx

ps: if you’re looking for a pea coat we love the grey and navy ones from La Redoute (below) and if you’re quick you can buy them with 30% off.


A few more boys’ coats we’re loving right now…